Vol. I

Changing of the Tide by Michael Abdan Esq.

Feature No. 1
Changing of the Tide: Working with Nonlawyers
By Michael Abdan Esq.
This article debates ABA Model Rule 5.4, which limits lawyers from sharing fees with nonlawyers, to maintain professional independence and prevent conflicts of interest. It contrasts the rule’s protective purpose with arguments that it hinders legal access and market adaptability, citing changes in states across the nation.

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Stay Gold - In Interview with Brian Cuban by Chad Sands

Interview No. 1
Stay Gold: An Interview with Brian Cuban
By Chad Sands
Brian Cuban shares his multifaceted journey from battling addiction and the legal profession’s stigmas to authoring legal fiction thrillers. Cuban’s candid narrative encompasses his personal struggles, the transition to writing, and his efforts in mental health advocacy, revealing a life beyond his identity as Mark Cuban’s brother.

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Where Referrals Fit In Your Sales Strategy

Feature No. 2
Where Referrals Fit In Your Sales Strategy
By Stacey Brown Randall
Stacey Brown Randall challenges the traditional notion of generating business referrals, arguing against the repetitive and often ineffective tactics of asking for them. She advocates for a more nuanced, relationship-driven approach that respects the referral source and relies on genuine connections rather than gimmicks or direct solicitation​

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Using ChatGPT for Legal Writing and Trial Preparation

Feature No. 3
Using ChatGPT for Legal Writing and Trial Preparation
By Chat GPT-3
“Using ChatGPT for Legal Writing and Trial Preparation” by ChatGPT-3 offers a crisp, enlightening and entertaining exploration into AI’s role in law. It adeptly balances the potential and pitfalls of AI in legal practices, underscoring the enduring need for human oversight. A brief yet incisive piece, it’s a compelling read for legal professionals navigating the digital age.

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Winning the Talent War

Feature No. 4
Winning the Talent War
By Cate Giordano
Cate Giordano addresses the challenges law firms face in attracting and retaining top legal talent post-COVID-19. She discusses the Great Resignation and the Great Reshuffling, emphasizing the need for law firms to adapt by providing better work-life balance, flexibility, and a sense of purpose to combat high turnover rates and professional disengagement​​.

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Who Are You Picking Up?

Feature No. 5
Who Are You Picking Up? Can Uber Guest Rides Help Attorneys Transport Clients?
By Michael Abdan, Esq.
The article balances practicality and ethics, exploring how Uber rides could enhance client experience by offering convenience and reducing stress, while also saving time for attorneys. Uber for Attorneys is more than just about ease; it’s a potential game-changer in legal service delivery, significantly enhancing client experience and marking a progressive step towards a more client-focused legal practice.

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An Engineering Sensibility by Sherry Chiger

Attorney Spotlight No. 1
An Engineering Sensibility
By Sherry Chiger
Sherry Chiger profiles Daniel Schneiderman, a personal injury attorney with a distinct blend of legal acumen and engineering prowess. Schneiderman, whose family background is steeped in medicine and engineering, has leveraged his unique perspective to excel in personal injury law, earning recognition as a top young attorney and fulfilling his childhood aspiration of becoming a lawyer.

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On Top of the Mountain Feature

Feature No. 6
On Top of the Mountain: The Fight Against Sex Trafficking of Minors
By Sally Cook
Sally Cook provides a poignant account of her unexpected journey, discovering a remote mountain in Santa Barbara and refuge for girls rescued from sex trafficking. This transformation from city life to combating “modern-day slavery” illustrates a deep commitment to addressing a critical societal issue​.

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Trial Lawyer's Journal Edd Allen Featured

Artists No. 1
Mother’s Warning of Vengeance: The Photography of Edd Allen
By Haley Ellis
Haley Ellis presents Edd Allen’s photography series “Vengeance,” capturing the violent beauty of the sea as a metaphor for Mother Nature’s reaction to environmental harm caused by humans. Allen’s powerful images serve as a stark reminder of nature’s might and a call to respect the Earth.

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Trial Lawyer's Journal Daniel Kaufman Featured

Artists No. 2
Painter Daniel Kaufman’s Physics as Metaphysics
By Jamey Hecht, Ph.D., Psy.D., Poet
Jamey Hecht introduces Daniel Kaufman’s art as a portal into the unexpected intersections of physics and metaphysics. Kaufman’s work is described as strikingly unique, offering a rare look at reality through an artistic lens that is both commanding and deeply reflective of the artist’s personal qualities and philosophical musings​.

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Relax, Recharge, Revive - Amazing GIraffe Interactions

Lifestyle No. 1
Relax Recharge Revive: Your Guide to Unmatched Destinations Around the Globe
By Molly Adams
Molly Adams writes for the overworked legal professionals, offering a travel guide to exceptional global destinations that promise relaxation and rejuvenation. Highlighting the demanding nature of personal injury law, Adams emphasizes the importance of taking time to unwind and presents unique, exclusive retreats catering to those needing to disconnect from their high-stress roles​.

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The Best Watches for Attorneys

Lifestyle No. 2
The Best Watches for Attorneys
By Jamie Morton
Jamie Morton focuses on the importance of image for legal professionals, highlighting luxury watches as a symbol of authority and confidence. The article suggests that the right watch not only complements an attorney’s professional appearance but also serves as a statement of their meticulousness and reliability​.

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